What is the difference between a H16 Bulb and a 5202 Bulb?

Let's say a customer purchases an H16 bulb and finds it doesn’t fit.

What is going on and how come it doesn't fit?

The problem is all aftermarket LED manufacturers call the 5202 bulb an H16. But in Japanese vehicles, the H16 bulb is part of the H9/H11 bulb family. The biggest difference between H8, H9, H11 and H16 are both the wattage levels that they run at and whether or not they have paint on the reflector cap at the top of the glass tube. H16 are most commonly used in fog lights, whereas the H11 is most commonly used in headlights. Therefore, you’ll see that H11 bulbs look almost identical to H16 bulbs but have higher wattages than H16.

From the below photos, you will find the H16 is quite different with 5202.

So basically, when you find your car fog light is a H16, if the car is Japanese Vehicles (such as Toyota, Nissan, Lexus, Subaru), the fog light is a H16 (you can also use H11 to replace it), but if the car is American Vehicles (such as Chevrolet, GMC, Ford), then the fog light is 5202 instead of a H16.

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